These page has details of the teams who played the 2016 season.

Panthers Softball team have been part of the Swindon Softball League since 2009. From a 4th place finish in their first season they have improved year on year, finishing as runners up in 2011 then winning the league in 2012. Further wins in 2013, 2014 & 2015 mean the Panthers have the record of league victories by any team in the SSL since it was founded in 2001.

For the 2016 season the Panthers Softball Club will split into two teams after a good winter recruitment drive, with the Jaguars playing in the traditional red tops and Las Panteras playing in purple.

Jaguars captain: Kirsty Whiteford
Las Panteras captain: Dave Jones

The Dodgers are the longest standing team in the league, having originally been one of two Lucent corporate sides that emerged from the Lucent League in Cirencester (as that league closed the Swindon League was established). Dodgers have won the league on a few occasions in years gone by; they are now building the squad up with some fresh talent.  

Captain: Chris John

Aries Softball team was established after the retirement of the former Cyclones team, at the time new recruit Adam wasn't ready to give up after just one season so has built up the side through recruitment and regular training. Aries have a balance of experience and youth players all working well together in the league and the occasional weekend tournament.

Captain: Adam Cleverly

The Bombers team have rebranded after a few seasons struggling for players and having to combine forces with the Dodgers to keep a regular softball out each week. A corporate side from CH2M Hill (formerly Halcrow) they have had a few team names over the years and have finally struck gold with their new logo (and a few new players) helping them to be a top rated side in the Swindon League. Bombers hold the record for the biggest home-run hit seen this season (and probably ever) in Swindon, with Seyi's perfectly struck hit finding it's way into the farm field having clipped the top of the trees lining the outfield boundary.

Captain: Peter Sketch

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